Brett Kissel releases ‘My Story’ Song About Stollery Children’s Hospital patients

“My story is strength. My story is pride. My story is never giving in to all the emptiness inside,” begins a song dedicated to the the thousands of people who pass through the halls of Edmonton’s Stollery Children’s Hospital. The hospital treats sick kids from across not only northern Alberta, but parts of Western Canada.

As the 20th annual fundraiser for the institution got underway on Wednesday, January 16, Brett Kissel released his new song, “My Story”, to celebrate the two decades that this powerful event has taken place. 

Written and sung by Kissel – and featuring the guest vocal and Edmonton native, Dan Davidson – Kissel credits CISN Country 103.9 morning host Chris Scheetz with the concept for the song. The idea: everyone who passes through the medical facility has their own “Stollery story”.

“I wanted this song to be about inspiration and hope and pride and strength,” Kissel said at the event in the lobby of the Stollery Children’s Hospital, which shares space with the University of Alberta Hospital.

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